Throughout the year, we organize different types of events listed here below :
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Fiesta Ahinama

Free social dancing events, organized at the Brasserie de l'Arrêt, fully dedicated to Cuban music (salsa, timba, son, chacha) with entertainment during the party (reggaeton, suelta, rueda).
Dates :
11 october 2019                       20 may 2020 (cancelled)
31 january 2020                     29 may 2020 (cancelled)
28 february 2020                     26 june 2020 (cancelled)
24 april 2020 (cancelled)


Concerts organized at the Brasserie de l'Arrêt, fully dedicated to traditional and modern Cuban music (son, chacha, bolero, changüi, salsa, timba) followed by a social dancing party.
Dates :
29 november 2019 : La Cubanerie
• 27 march 2020 : Pedacito (cancelled)

La Nochecita

Little free weekly party, 100% cuban salsa, open to everyone, organized at the Brasserie de l'Arrêt after usual classes :

Every Thursday evening from 22h to 23h (except during school holidays) (cancelled)

Timba Libre

Social open-air dancing evening, organized during the summer,  subject to good weather :

Summer 2020 (dates and location not defined)

Fiestas Especiales

Special parties organized for our students  :

Back-to-school party
Christmas party
End-of-season party