We teach Cuban Salsa (Casino) and Rueda de Casino, as well as introductions to other Cuban dances such as Son or Rumba.

Our team of teachers is composed of volunteers passionate about Cuban dance and music. We utilize our different experiences and continue to participate in regular workshops/festivals, to further transmit knowledge to our students.

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How classes work

You must be registered to participate in a course.
One session corresponds to one semester of classes (September to February / February to July).

Classes are 60 minutes long and are given in French.
There are no classes during the school holidays.

The next registrations will open on 5 September 2021.
Places are limited so you must register quickly to secure a place.

The next session will start on 22 and 23 September 2021.
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The class schedules for the next session (September 2021 / February 2022) are as such :

  • Wednesday
    • 19h00 - 19h40 : Level 2B - Upper Intermediate
    • 20h00 - 20h40 : Level 1A - Beginners
    • 21h00 - 21h40 : Level 1B - Upper Beginners
  • Thursday
    • 20h00 - 20h40 : Level 2A - Intermediate
    • 21h00 - 21h40 : Level 3 - Advanced

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We charge a fee of 50 € per semester ( 1 course / week ) to cover our administrative costs, as well as those in relation to the organization of concerts and workshops.

Location of classes

Brasserie de l'Arrêt

365 Route de Longwy, 1941 Luxembourg